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Welcome to Aging Services for Communities

Caregiver Support & Respite
Are you exhausted from caregiving? As a caregiver there are many duties required of you; at times it may feel like you are solely responsible for the well being of your parent, grandparent or loved one. Without proper support for you, the day-to-day caregiver routine can become exhausting, monotonous and overwhelming. You can very quickly go from loving son or daughter to detached caregiver; losing the lifelong connection with your parent or loved-one.

As a caregiver you too need support. At Aging Services for Communities it is our belief that an individual can only receive optimal care if their caregiver also receives the services, support and rest they need to perform at their best. When you need a break turn to us, we offer a complete Caregiver Support and Respite program developed to provide you with the time-off you need and deserve. The Respite Program includes:

  • Short-term respite care on a 2-4 hour basis to relieve the caregiver of their 24-hour a day responsibility
  • Respite care will be provided in the client's own home
  • Support and guidance through your caregiving journey
  • Respite services provided by screened and trained volunteers

To qualify for the Caregiver Support and Respite program you need to be a primary caregiver who provides 24-hour care for a relative or love one. Your care-receiver must be:

  • Age 60 or older
  • Reside in LeSueur or Rice County
  • Ill with a long-term degenerative disease or chronic condition
  • Unable to stay alone / unattended for more than 2 hours

While Aging Services for Communities strives to offer necessary services, there are tasks we cannot perform such as:

  • Administering Medications
  • Providing Professional Nursing Care
  • Heavy Lifting or Moving
  • Administering Injections or Diabetic Testing
  • Monitoring Blood Pressure or Vitals
  • Assisting with Bathing or Personal Care

Lastly, we cannot totally replace the love and care that only family members can provide. However, we can help you remain as independent as possible in your own home.


"My experience with Respite Services was absolutely wonderful. It allowed me to care for my husband at home for many years. The Respite volunteers were always prompt and cheerful. They were so well matched to my husband's interests, which allowed him to easily visit with them. I surely felt I was leaving him in good hands, as I left the house to run errands, or shop.

We both looked forward to having our Respite person come to our home. I know I would not have been able to continue my home care, had it not been for our Respite team. They were a blessing! Sincerely,"
- Marilyn


Home Management (Homemaker Services)
Our Homemaker Services are available to individuals who are physically capable of managing their physical and personal care but who need some help from time to time. We've found that occasional assistance with light housework and other small tasks allow more older adults to remain living independently in their own homes instead of having to move to assisted living facilities.

Aging Services for Communities employs a trained and qualified staff to help you with the following tasks:

  • Garbage Removal
  • Grocery Shopping / Errands
  • Laundry
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Mail Sorting
  • Meal Preparation
  • Socialization
  • *Supervision
  • Washing Dishes

Our Homemaker Services are available to residents in the following counties: Blue Earth, Brown, Carver, Faribault, Freeborn, LeSueur, Nicollet, Rice, Scott, Sibley, Steele and Waseca. If you find yourself in need of occasional assistance, contact Aging Services for Communities, we are here to help you remain independent in your own home.

These services are available with a sliding fee. Please notify us if you are on an Elderly Waiver or the Alternative Care Grant.

*We can provide overnight supervision for those unable to stay alone.


"My mom (Dorothy) lived in her own apartment at Hillside Courts in LeSueur for 6 years, from age 85 to 91. Just within the past couple of weeks she has moved into an assisted living facility due to faltering health. Mom couldn't have lived there on her own for nearly that long without the help of her sister, and the help Jacki provided. Jacki cleaned bi-weekly (and did a super job), helped with errands and laundry, and more than that she was a friend to mom. Mom always looked forward to her visits and will miss seeing her twice a month." – Patrick Bones


Live Well At Home
Live Well At Home is a program that helps at-risk older adults live at home longer. Older adults and their family caregiver learn about risk factors typically causing a permanent move from home. Through ASC's professional services you'll learn how to lower your risk factors and where to buy the right kind of help so you can continue to live at home. Visit the Live Well At Home website to learn more about this programs benefits and offerings.


Our Transportation services are provided to those individuals living independently who are unable to drive and are in need of transport to and from medical appointments. Aging Services' transportation program is available to all residents of LeSueur County who are on Medical Assistance or over age 65. Our various Transportation services include:

  • Medical Assistance Clients: Medical appointments can be anywhere in Minnesota. Clients must be able to get in and out of the vehicle on their own; if the individual is not able to, they should contact the Senior Linkage Line at 1-800-333-2433 for van service. Medical Assistance client rides may be free, contact ASC to find out how.
  • Non-medical: Aging services for communities also offers transportation and companionship to anyone going to non-medical appointments. In these instances a trained and qualified person will accompany you to your appointments for a fee.
  • Senior Transportation Program: If you are over age 65 and not on medical assistance, we have trained volunteer drivers to take you to scheduled medical appointments. You will make a donation to ASC for the transport.


In-Home Care Provider assisting an elderly woman
Finding the right In-Home Care Provider can become a balancing act between quality care and affordability, thankfully Aging Services for Communities (ASC) is here to provide stability in an overwhelming and ever-evolving industry.

ASC is a non-profit agency licensed by the state of Minnesota; and since 2004 has been offering adult seniors, handicapped individuals and their families a high-level of trustworthy, professional in-home care at rates they can afford. Our various programs, from respite care to homemaker services, have been developed to meet your needs.

At Aging Services for Communities we understand the growing importance for experienced in-home help, which is why we are here to fill the need and help you and your loved ones remain independent. As any older adult will tell you, the best place to be is in your own home. We strive to provide the services and staff to allow you to live well and to do so at home.

We offer an array of services, from providing a friendly helping-hand with the laundry to reliable transportation. ASC provides the following eldercare services / programs throughout various counties in Minnesota:

If you feel it’s time to seek assistance, whether it’s for yourself, a family member or loved one, don’t hesitate to contact ASC. We’re here to accommodate your needs in anyway possible, both through our services as well as through referrals to other organizations, agencies and care providers who may better assist you. Whether a caregiver or an individual seeking help, we want you to know that you’re not alone; Aging Services for Communities has a team of compassionate employees/volunteers and an experienced staff ready to provide the support you need.

Our Mission
The mission of Aging Services for Communities is to assist older adults and disabled persons to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.


“In all honesty, my mother could not have lived independently for as long as she has without your essential help. Aging Services exceeded our expectations in loving, personal care, shopping, transportation and friendship. God bless you for the huge difference you have made by taking a load of burden from my mom's shoulders and mine. You have enabled my mother to make a smoother transition to her current living situation and to have enjoyed many years of freedom living as she desired. Thank you. Sincerely,” - Mary

"I am a social worker who assists getting my clients to medical and mental health appointments. Most of my clients live in poverty and can't afford their own cars. Aging Services has been a valuable service to get my clients to medical appointments. Some of my clients present challenges because of their mental health issues and the understanding staff at Aging Services works with me to overcome the obstacles and get them where they need to go. Aging Services also has come through on emergency situations when I need a driver with no notice. I recently had a social worker at Mayo Hospital, Rochester tell me that our County is lucky to have such a valuable service available to us. " - Judy Hepworth

"My name is Don Reak, I am the son of Bessie Reak, who is using the Transportation Services of Aging Services for Communities. My Mom's family and Mom are very happy that there is a service like this in our community. My Mom goes to Shakopee three (3) times a week for kidney dialysis. The Drivers are always on time and very helpful to Mom. This is a wonderful service for our community and it helps so many people. The staff at Aging Services for Communities are always helpful and very professional and our family would like to say thank you to all of them for all their help." - Thank You Family of Bessie Reak

The best way to describe Aging Services Respite givers is that they are LIFESAVERS. Each and every one of them has been kind, understanding, warm, cheerful and willing to help in many ways. My husband has enjoyed their company and I appreciate not having to worry about him when I am away. Without them I would have not been able to attend graduation parties, birthday parties or lunch with my girlfriends. I feel so lucky to have found out about this great program run by truly wonderful people. -Sue

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