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General Homemaking Videos

Mopping Floors


Clean Bathrooms

Making Beds



Cleaning a Wood Cutting Board

Vacuuming & Shaking Rugs

Taking Out the Trash





Cleaning Bathroom Videos

Bathroom Sink


Bath Tub

Soap Scum


Shower Curtain

Bath Tub Ring

Toilet Tank

General Rules for Cleaning Bathrooms

  1. Start laundry first, or other tasks that take time
  2. Dust before vacuuming
  3. Clean the bathroom last
  4. Clean a toilet from the top and work your way down and in
  5. Separate sponges / rags for bathroom and kitchen
  6. Do the most important, then do the rest
  7. Ask 10 minutes before leaving - "is there anything else I can do for you?" - Do or make a not to do next time.


Useful Additional Cleaning Videos

Cleaning a Toaster Oven

Cleaning a Garbage Disposal

Cleaning Burned on Food

Mopping Wood Floors

Dresser Organizing & Folding Clothes

Cleaning a Microwave Oven

Cleaning a Sink Drain

Cleaning a Refrigerator

Cleaning Tile Floors

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